Plants Endemic to Utah

Only two species occurring in Red Butte Canyon are said to be endemic to Utah: Angelica wheeleri Wats. (Mathias and Constance 1944-45) (Wheeler angelica) and Erigeron arenarioides (D.C. Eat.) Gray (rock fleabane). Angelica wheeleri has, however, been collected close to both the Idaho and the Nevada boundaries with Utah (Albee et al. 1988). Erigeron arenarioides is known from Salt Lake, Utah, Tooele, Weber and Box Elder counties (Albee et al. 1988, Cronquist 1947).

Plants introduced to Utah

In Red Butte Canyon, plants introduced to Utah, either from other portions of the United States or from another country, are largely restricted to roadside and trailside sites and to open grassy or rocky slopes below 1829 m (6000 ft). Some of the more commonly occurring plants in this category are listed to the right.
Introduced Plants

Alyssum alyssoides, alyssum
Arabidopsis thaliana, mouse-ear cress
Bromus briziformis, rattlesnake chess
B. japonicus, Japanese or meadow chess
B. tectorum, cheatgrass
Capsella bursa-pastoris, shepherd's purse
Cynoglossum officinale, hound's tongue
Dactylis glomerata, orchard grass
Draba verna, spring draba
Erodium cicutarium, storksbill or alfileria
Grindelia squarrosa, curlycup gumweed
Holosteum umbellatum, jagged chickweed
Isatis tinctoria, dyer's woad
Lactuca serriola, prickly lettuce
Lepidium perfoliatum, peppergrass
Linaria dalmatica, Dalmation toadflax
Lithospermum arvense, corn gromwell
Malva neglecta, cheeses
Melilotus alba, white sweetclover
M. officinalis, yellowsweetclover
Poa bulbosa, bulbous bluegrass
Ranunculus testiculatus, bur buttercup
Sisymbrium altissimum, Jim Hill mustard
Taraxacum officinale, common dandelion
Thlaspi arvense, pennycress
Tragopogon dubius, goatsbeard
Veronica anagallis-aquatica, water speedwell