Cornus sericea, (red osier dogwood)

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Intermountain Flora
Freely branching shrub (1) 1.5-3 (5) m tall, often forming thickets along streams, the twigs and younger branches bright red, slender, glabrous or inconspiuously hairy; leaves elliptic to broadly lanceolate or ovate, mostly 5-10 cm long and 1/3-2/3 as wide, acute to gradually acumninate at the tip, acute to broadly rounded at the base, notably pale beneath, finely strigose on both sides when young, less so or glabrate (especially above) in age, sometimes more loosely hairy about the vein axils beneath, the lateral veins in well grown leaves 5-7 to a side; inflorescence a flat or slightly convex compound cyme 2-6 cm wide; flowers white or faintly creamy; petals 2.5-4 mm long, widely spreading; fruit 7-9 mm thick, white (reputedly sometimes pale blue); stone brownish-black, with 7-9 vertical yellow stripes, not sculptured; 2n = 22.

Cronquist, A., Holmgren, N.H., and Holmgren, P.K. (1997) "Intermountain Flora" pg. 245, vol. 3 part A, The New York Botanical Garden New York.