Cercocarpus ledifolius, (Mountain Mohogany)

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Intermountain Flora
Erect evergreen shrub or small tree, 2-8 m tall, with stiff, sharp branches, the elongating young branches reddish, finely villous or tomentose with crinkly white hairs, the older branches ashy-gray; leaves short-petiolate, the petiole 1-6 mm long, the stipules brown, with a thick midvein and membranous margins, longest on teh non-fascicled leaves of elongating branches where 3-7.5 mm long, the blade lance-elliptic, narrowly (ob)lanceolate, or linear, 10-30 (40) mm long, (1.5) 2-8 (10) mm wide, cuneate basally, acute aically and often apiculate, entire and revolute-margined, coriaceous, dark resnious green and sparsley lanate above when young, moderately to densely white-lanate beneath, the midrib prominent; flowers subsessile; hypanthium tube persistent, 2.5-13 mm long, densely lanate with curly hairs, the deciduous, expanded rim (hypanthium cup) 1.5-3 mm high, widely campanulate, reddish; sepals broadly deltate, (0.9) 1.2-2.4 mm long, rounded, recurved, wolly-pubescent, especially at the apex; stamens 15-25, the anthers 0.6-1.3 mm long, glabrous; achenes 7-9 mm long, the mature style 4-10 cm long, bent or spirally coiled, plumose; 2n = 18.

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