Red Butte Canyon Research

Research and education within the Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area (RNA) are allowed, but there are a number of restrictions. In accordance with Forest Service regulations, the RNA is closed to public entry. Permits are required for all activities within the RNA, including one-time field trips. The procedure is to apply for a research permit through Dave Bowling (School of Biological Sciences, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112). He will then forward the application to the Forest Service for final approval and permit awarding. For the application process and forms, please go to  

Applications should include a brief description fo the proposed research, individuals to conduct the research, duration of the research, and its potential impact on the RNA. A final report and copies of all publications arising from the research are required. Research permits are granted for non-destructive research and monitoring only.

Research projects in the Red Butte Canyon RNA include:
• "Climate monitoring network" - Jim Ehleringer
• "Ecophysiology of boxelder, a dioecious riparian tree" - Jim Ehleringer
• "Water relations of riparian tree communities" - Jim Ehleringer
• "Ecohydrolgy studies of Red Butte Canyon" - Kevin Hultine