Agoseris glauca, mountain dandelion

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Intermountain Flora
Glabrous or hairy, often somewhat glacous perennial, 1-8 dm tall; leaves linear to broadly oblanceolate, 5-40 cm long and 2-30 (50) mm wide, entire or toothedd to laciniate-pinnatifid; involucre (1) 1.15-2.5 (3) cm high, its bracrts imbricate or subequal, sharply pointed or sometimes obtuse, sometimes purple-spotted; flowers yellow, often drying pinkish; achenes mostly 5-12 mm long overall, the body tapering gradually to a stout, evidently striate beak up to about half as long as the body (in var. laciniata the beak sometimes up to as long as the body and the achenes more than 12 mm long, and in extralimital forms of var. dasycephala the achene sometimes beakless); 2n = 18, 36.

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