Taraxacum officinale, common dandelion

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Intermountain Flora
Leaves commonly sparsely hairy beneath on the midrib, otherwise generally glabrous, or sometimes completely so, oblanceolate, 6-40 X 0.7-15 cm, ±runcinate-pinnatifid or lobed (the terminal lobe tending to be larger than the others), tapering to a narrow, scarcely or obscurely winged petiolar base, but the leaves varying to deeply cleft and with a small terminal segment, as in T. laevigatum; scapes 5-50 cm tall, glabrous or ±villous, especially upwards; heads usually relatively large, the involucre mostly 1.5-2.5 cm high; inner bracts mostsly 13-30, usually not or scarcely corniculate, at first erect, finally reflexed, the mature achenes and pappus then forming a conspicuous ball; outer bracts reflexed, a little shorter and scarcely wider than the inner; body of the achene 3-4 mm long, pale gray-brown or stramineous, muricate above or sometimes to near the base, the beak 2.5-4 times as long as the body; 2n = 16-48, often 24.

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