Draba verna, spring draba

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Intermountain Flora
Slender winter annual, 3-15 (20) cm tall, from a slender taproot; herbage sparsely pubescent on the leaves and lower scapes with once-forked or branched hairs; scapes erect or ascending, (1) few to several; leaves in a compact rosette, 3-12 (20) mm long, 1-4 (5.5) mm wide, oblanceolate or spatulate, obtuse apically, entire or dentate distally; raceme elongating, few to many flowers; sepals 0.9 -1.4 mm long, oblong, obtuse apically, glabrous or sparsely pubescent with simple hairs, often purplish-tinged; petals 1.3-2 (2.7) mm long, deeply biobed, cleft nearly halfway, white; fruiting pedices slender, the lower ones 3-25 mm long, ascending to divaricately ascending; silicles spreading at the same angle as the pedicel, 3.5-8 mm long, 1.2-2.8 mm wide, elliptic to obovate, flat, glabrous; mature style 0.1-0.2 mm long; seeds 0.45-0.6 mm long, yellow to orange, puncticulate; 2n = 14, 24-64, 94.

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