Dactylis glomerata, orchard grass

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Intermountain Flora
Perrenials with short rhizomes; culms 3-12 dm tall; sheaths mostly shorter than the internodes; lingules 4-8 mm long, oblong-ovate, fimbriate-lacerate; blades of the culm leaves 4-6 (10) mm broad, lax, scabrous; panicles 4.5-14 (20) cm long, laterally compressed, the lowest internnode long, the branches of the first order long (especially the lower ones) and the second order very short; spikelets 5-8 mm long, (2-) 3- (5)-flowered, oblong-oboviod, aggregated in compact fascicles; glumes 3-6 mm long, 1-nerved, the first glume often glabrous, the second with a pubescent body and ciliate keels or glabrous, awn tipped; lemmas (3) 4-6.5 (7) mm long, 5-nerved, oblong-lanceolate, the keel short ciliate, the margins hyaline, produced into a short awn at the apex; palea lanceolate; anthers 2-3.5 mm long; 2n = 14, 21, 27-31, 42.

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