Lupinus argenteus, silvery lupine

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Intermountain Flora
Perennial herbs with 1 to several, distally branched or spurred, green or purplish stems (1) 1.5-7 (12) dm tall, erect-ascending or diffusely assurgent from superficial or shallowly buried root-crown, variably pubescent with either sppressed pr spreading-retrorse hairs, the foliage green, cinereous or canescent, the plane or conduplicate leaflets either hairy or glabrous above; long-petiolate radical and subradical leaves usually lacking at anthesis, smetimes present in vars. holosericeus, utahensis, and heteranthus; petioles of cauline leaves 2-8 (13) cm long; leaflets 6-10, varying from linear-oblanceolate or -elliptic to braodly oblanceolate, either obtuse or acute, the longest of a plant 2-7 x 0.25-1.8 cm; racemes either solitary and terminal, or one larger terminal to primary axis succeeded by shorter one from lateral branchlets, or several coeval and paniculate, including the short peduncle (4) 5-25 (30) cm long, the flowers either scattered or partly, sometimes rather regularly subverticillate; bracts caducous; pedicels (1) 2-5 (6) mm long; flowers ascending or spreading and subdeclined; calyx (4) 4.5-10 mm long, the tube varying from slightly oblique at base to gibbous or distinctly spurred adaxially, the spur (developing as the flower matures) up to 1.5 mm long, the lips subequal or the 3-denticulate abaxial one longer, this 2.5-7.5 mm long; petals commonly blue, sometimes lavender, pink, purplish, or white, the yellow-,whitish- or fuscous-eyed banner 4-14 mm long, reflexed at points 1.5-5 mm below apex, often strigulose dorsally either beyond middle or only beneath the upper calyx-lip, sometimes quite glabrous, the wings 6-14 x (2) 2.5-5 (6) mm, externally glabrous or pubescent along midrib (but never at tip), the keel ± as long as wings, its attenuate or (in small-flowered vars.) subulate acumen usually ciliolate along interior margins, sometimes quite glrbrous; pod ± 2-3 x 0.6-0.9 cm, densely pilose, (2) 3-5 (6)-seeded.

Cronquist, A., Holmgren, A.H., Holmgren, N.H., Reveal, J.L., and Holmgren, P.K. (1989) "Intermountain Flora" pg. 247-248, vol. 3 part B, The New York Botanical Garden New York.