Hedysarum boreale, northern sweetvetch

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Intermountain Flora
Stems either erect or diffuse from a superficial or shallowly buried caudex, simple or few-branched, including the inflorescence (1) 1.5-5.5 (6) dm tall, varying with the foliage from green and almost glabrous to densely gray- or silvery-strigulose or -pilosulous, the leaflets minutely brown-speckled on upper face, the racemes of rose, carmine, or magenta (exceptionally white) flowers arising from 1-3 distal axils and ± exserted; stipules papery-scarious, pallid or commonly brown-tinged or -lineolate, amplexicaul and connate opposite the petiole into a bidentate (sometimes ruptured) sheath, the distal ones smaller; leaves (4) 5-11 (13) cm long; leaflets (5) 7-15, opposite or partly scattered, varying in outline from linear-elliptic to broadly obovate-emarginate, the longest of a plant 12-25 (30) mm long, the firm blades veinless except for dorsally prominulous midrib; recemes (5) 10-45 -flowered, the axis including peduncle 7-28 cm long with us, sometimes shorter in boreal var. mackenzii bracts narrowly lanceolate, 1.5-7.5 mm long; pedicels 1.3-2 (3) mm long; bracteoles 1-4 mm long; calyx (4.5) 5-8 mm long, the campanulate tube 2-3.5 (4) mm long, its orifice subsymmetrical, the narrowly subulate or lance-attenuate teeth subequal, 2.5-5.5 mm long, always at least a trifle longer than the tube; petals irregularly graduated, the banner 11-16 mm long, folded over the broad, blunt keel and either as long as or up to 3.5 mm shorter than it, the wings shorter and narrower than either, the auricle at base of their blade obtuse, ± 1 mm long; ovary puberulent; ovules 4-6 (8), some commonly abortive; articles of loment broadly elliptic or almost circular, (5) 6-10 mm diameter, plano-compressed, margined by a prominent sutural nerve, the greenish-stramineous, puberulent or glabrate faces sharply reticulate-venulose, the venules rarely tuberculate or armed with erect setae up to 0.5-3 mm long.

Cronquist, A., Holmgren, A.H., Holmgren, N.H., Reveal, J.L., and Holmgren, P.K. (1989) "Intermountain Flora" pg. 188-189, vol. 3 part B, The New York Botanical Garden New York.