Balsamorhiza macrophylla, cutleaf balsamroot

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Intermountain Flora
Robust perennial; well developed plants with a large taproot from which several branches arise underground; leaves large, 3-6 dm long, pinnatifid, with broad, generally entire or coarsely few-toothed segments mostly 5-12 cm long, glandular at least beneath; stems lax, 3-10 dm tall, leafless or often with a pair of much reduced, coarsely toothed or few-pinnatifid leaves toward the base; pubescence relatively long and often sparse; heads large, with long, somewhat leafy bracts that may surpass the disk; rays (8) 10-16 or upto 21, 3.5-6 cm long; achenes glabrous.

Cronquist, A., Holmgren, A.H., Holmgren, N.H., Reveal, J.L., and Holmgren, P.K. (1994) "Intermountain Flora" pg.20, vol. 5, The New York Botanical Garden New York.