Aster ascendens, everywhere aster

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Intermountain Flora
Perennial from a creeping rhizome or branching caudex, 1-12 dm tall, sparingly to rather densely pubescent, if densely so, then the hairs mostly short, curled, and more or less pubescent, the lower usually oblanceolate and more or less petiolate, but commonly deciduous except in smaller plants; middle and upper leaves sessile, mostly less than 1 cm wide and more than 7 times as long as wide; heads (1) several or many; involucre (4) 5-7 mm high, its bracts well imbricate in several series, appressed, often ciliolate-margined, green-tipped, the green tip often a little wider than the whitish base, the outer ones obtuse or rounded, sometimes minutely mucronate, the innermost ones acuminate or distinctly acute; rays mostly 15-40, blue to pinkish or violet, seldom white; achenes short-hairy; 2n = 26 or 52, sometimes other numbers.

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