Valeriana edulis, edible valerian

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Intermountain Flora
Perennial from a long, stout taproot and short, branched caudex, 1-12 dm tall, generally glabrous or nearly so, less often shortly hirtellous; basal leaves numerous, firm, linear to obovate, the blade tapering rather gradually to the petiole base, the whole leaf entire and mostly 7-40 cm x 7-55 mm, or often some of them with a few narrow, forward-pointing, lateral lobes; cauline leaves 2-6 pairs, smaller, nearly always pinnatifid with narrow segments, and becoming sessile or subsessile upward; inflorescence paniculiform, often rather compact at anthesis, expanded and more open in fruit; plants polygamo-dioecious; corollas of perfect and staminate flowers mostly 2.5-3.5 mm long, those of the pistillate flower scarcely 1 mm long; corolla-lobes not much shorter than the tube; stamens not much exserted; plumose calyx-segments mostly 9-13; fruits more or less ovate or ovate-oblong, 2.5-4.5 mm long, short-hairy or glabrous.

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