Juncus mertensianus, Merten's rush

Image Source - http://www.flickr.com

Intermountain Flora
Stems crowded on a stout rhizome, terete, 1-2.5 dm tall; leaves all cauline, the lowermost ones reduced, the others with terete, hollow, septatenodulose blade 4-15 cm long and 1-2 mm thick, the hyaline margins of the sheath expanded above and prolonged into a pair of evident auricles ca 1-1.5 mm long; inflorescence a single terminal head (seldom 2 heads) 8-12 mm thick, often shortly surpassed by the lower bract; flowers numerous, axillary to hyaline-scarious bracts but not prophyllate; tepals shiny, dark purple-brown or blackish-purple, thin and soft, the outer ones gradually acuminate, (2.5) 3-3.5 (4) mm long, the inner similar or often a little shorter and less sharply pointed; stamens 6; anthers mostly 0.5-1.0 mm long, shorter than the filaments; capsule triquetrous, somewhat expanded upwards, obtuse to broadly rounded or subtruncate or even slightly retuse beneath the stylar apiculus, slighty to evidently shorter than the perianth, 1-celled, the placentae only slightly intruded; seeds apiculate, ca 0.5 mm long.

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