Galium spp., bedstraw

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Herbs or shrubs with square stems and whorled, entire leaves (upper leaves merely opposite in G. bifolium), exstipulate except insofar as some of the leaves of each whorl might be considered to be enlarged stipules; flowers perfect or sometimes unisexual, borne in small or large, basically cymose inflorescences, or on axillary peduncles or pedicels; calyx obsolete; corolla small, rotate or nearly so, the 4 (less often 3) lobes much longer than the short tube, valvate; ovary bilocular, with a solitary ovule attached near the middle of the septum in each lucule; styles 2, short; stigmas capitate; fruit dry 9in all ours) or in some species fleshy, the mericarps approximate or divergent, indehiscent; endosperm will developed.

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