Avian Fauna

In his study of the birds of Red Butte Canyon, Perry (1973) found that 106 species occurred in the area during his study. Of these, 32 species are permanent residents and 44 are summer residents. The remainder (30) are migrants or winter residents. The permanent resident birds are listed to the right.

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Summer Avian Residents
Resident Avian

Falconiformes - Accipitridae
A. gentilis, Goshawk
A. striatus, Sharp-shinned Hawk
A. cooperi, Cooper's Hawk
Galliformes - Tetraonidae
D. obscurus, Blue Grouse
B. umbellus, Ruffed Grouse
Galliformes - Phasianidae
L. californicus, California Quail
P. colchicus, Ring-necked Pheasant
A. graeca, Chukar
Strigiformes - Strigidae
O. flammeolus, Flammulated Owl
B. virginianus, Great Horned Owl
A. otus, Long-eared Owl
Coraciiformes - Alcedinidae
M. alcyon, Belted Kingfisher
Piciformes - Picidae
C. cafer, Red-shafter Flicker
S. varius, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
D. villosus, Hairy Woodpecker
D. pubescens, Downy Woodpecker
Passeriformes - Corvidae
C. stelleri, Steller's Jay
A. coerulescens, Scrub Jay
P. pica, Magpie
Passeriformes - Paridae
P. atricapillus, Black-capped Chickadee
P. gambeli, Mountain Chickadee
P. minimus, Common Bushtit
Passeriformes - Sittidae
S. canadensis, Red-breasted Nuthatch
Passeriformes - Certhiidae
C. familiaris, Brown Creeper
Passeriformes - Cinclidae
C. mexicanus, Dipper
Passeriformes - Turdidae
M. townsendi, Townsend's Solitaire
Passeriformes - Sylvidae
R. satrapa, Golden-crowned Kinglet
Passeriformes - Sturnidae
S. vulgaris, Starling
Passeriformes - Icteridae
S. neglecta, Western Meadowlark
Passeriformes - Fringillidae
C. mexicanus, House Finch
S. pinus, Pine Siskin
J. oreganus, Oregon Junco